1957 Rolls-Royce EX 44/Hooper

1957 Rolls Royce EX 44 / Hooper

EX 44 was an experimental car Rolls-Royce built in 1957 to test the chassis, V8 engine and other components that would eventually become the Phantom V.  Its development was a closely guarded secret.

This 145 inch wheel based limousine is one of the last Rolls-Royces to be bodied by Hooper.  Though made of aluminum, the car weighs a staggering 7,700 lbs.

When EX 44 was built, it didn't look like this, but for a car that's had the double life EX44 has enjoyed, it's all part of the story.  We'll show you how it originally looked, tell you how it survived, and share the current owner's story of how it came to be his.

All in 20 pages of stunning four color photography and copy.