The Fire Chief's 1933 Packard Super 8 Sport Phaeton

1931 Packard Super 8 Sport Phaeton

Specially ordered for the Fire Chief of Albany, New York, in 1933, this Packard has purpose.  Fire engine red and boasting a siren, the car let Albany's fire fighters know the chief had indeed arrived.

This car features the Packard Super 8 and Packard coach work, a removable rear windshield for rear passengers, and a number of unusual features including a rear mounted spare, and a tool box built into the right fender. With no side windows and snap on side curtains, the car combines the features of a roadster's open air touring and the practicality of five passenger seating.  The lack of side mounts make the car appear longer, lower and more elegant.  Obviously, it was good to be the Chief!

Well maintained and recently acquired by a new owner, this car runs like a top.

We'll show it to you in 18 pages of full color photography and tell you its story.